National Homebuyers Reviews

National Homebuyers Reviews

If you’re trying to sell a challenging property or secure a quick sale, you may have considered working with a cash buying company like National Homebuyers.

But trusting a third party with the entire home selling process is a big responsibility, so you may be wondering whether National Homebuyers is the right choice for you.

We’ll run through National Homebuyers reviews and everything you need to know about the company, including how the process works and possible alternatives.

What is National Homebuyers?

National Homebuyers is a property buying company. They give homeowners a guaranteed cash offer for their houses — even those in poor condition. 

The prospect of an immediate sale makes firms like National Homebuyers an attractive option for many. Selling your home on the open market and working with an estate agent can be time-consuming, especially for more challenging properties with few potential buyers.

National Homebuyers was established in 2004 after the team renovated various UK houses in disrepair or undesirable areas. Following the success of these projects, the business was born, with a focus on buying “difficult properties” that owners struggled to sell elsewhere and then later relisting them with estate agents.

National Homebuyers claim they were the first property-buying company in the UK and that they’re one of the nation’s fastest-growing companies of this kind.

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How Selling a Property Through National Homebuyers Works

If you like the sound of National Homebuyers based on what we’ve said so far, you probably want to know exactly what to expect from the process before you sell your property to them.

The process involves four simple steps.

1. Make the Initial Contact

Make the Initial Contact

First, contact National Homebuyers to receive your cash offer. While they promise to give an offer to all properties, they still need to perform comprehensive research into each home to reach an accurate valuation first.

You can contact them by phone or fill in an online form to request a callback.

2. Receive your Valuation Report

Receive your Valuation Report

National Homebuyer will then get back to you to guide you through the next stage, which involves a discussion about the details of the property. This will include information about the property’s interior and exterior, condition, and local area.

The company will talk to local agents and consult relevant data to decide on its cash offer, and you’ll receive a valuation report detailing their method.

But it’s essential to adjust your expectations ahead of time. 

You’ll have 30 days to decide whether to accept the offer before it expires.

3. Start the Selling Process

Start the Selling Process

One of the best things about working with a company like National Homebuyers is that, once you accept their cash offer, the firm will handle practically the entire process on your behalf.

Instead of you needing to worry about processes like marketing and organising viewings with potential buyers, you’ll only have one buyer to worry about, and they will coordinate with other parties on your behalf.

They will arrange a completion date that’s convenient for you. This is another perk of working with a homebuying company — you can work at your own pace instead of needing to coordinate with other buyers and sellers in the chain.

Usually, when selling your home through a property buying company, you’ll have to face additional costs, even though you don’t need to pay for an estate agent. Conveyancing charges are one of the primary considerations. However, National Homebuyers offers up to £1,000 toward legal fees.

4. Receive your Money

Receive your Money

Finally, National Homebuyers pay you your money. According to National Homebuyers, you can receive the money in as little as seven days — not quite immediate funds, but pretty quick. However, the process can take as long as 30 days.

Do National Homebuyers Pay Market Value?

The offer from National Homebuyers will be considerably lower than your property’s actual market value.

This is the tradeoff you must face when selling your house to a direct cash buyer.

How Much Below Market Value do National Home Buyers Offer?

Much will depend on the condition and location of the property, but you can expect to receive between 80 and 75% of the properties current market value.

Unfortunately, in most cases, you will not be able to negotiate.

Be cautious of the company making an offer which may seem appealing at the start which gradually decreases as the sale progresses.  Unfortunately, this practice remains commonplace across the We Buy Any Home sector (bar a handful of companies such as Property Solvers).

Are National Homebuyers A Rip Off?

With two decades of experience purchasing and reselling many properties, National Homebuyers has a solid history. The company has worked with thousands of clients and built a stellar reputation, so it seems they deliver on their promises.

National Homebuyers also has its own Approved Partner Network, facilitating communication with property professionals in other areas, such as estate agents and house builders.

However, it’s worth noting that the company isn’t registered with the Property Ombudsman or the National Association of Property Buyers (NAPB). These professional associations help regulate the industry and look out for consumers’ needs and rights, so it may be harder to raise complaints if you run into difficulties when working with National Homebuyers.

There have also been several online complaints that suggest that National Homebuyers may be a rip offHowever, the firm does have its own complaints procedure and there have been some positive experiences.

National Homebuyers Reviews

On Google Reviews, National Homebuyers has a very respectable 4.2 rating, across more than 200 reviews.

On Trustpilot, National Homebuyers have a 4.1 rating, earning it a “great” status. Many positive reviews report a smooth experience with the firm, and the service seems to have met customer expectations overall.

National Homebuyers Reviews

Yet there are also some negative reviews. Many of those who complained said they were disappointed to receive an offer below the market value of their property. However, this is a feature of all legitimate cash buying companies since their business model revolves around offering a quick sale in return for a lower price. 

It therefore isn’t a major concern, although sellers who want to earn as much as possible from their home sale should opt for the open market instead.

As always, bear in mind that there are always fake reviews.

Disadvantages of Homebuying Companies

While National Homebuyers is a reliable homebuying company, a cash buying company isn’t for everyone. Companies like National Homebuyers were established primarily to target those who are struggling to sell their home the traditional way. For instance, houses that are derelict or in desperate need of renovation.

These factors can make it difficult to sell a house on the market or make the process of finding a willing buyer much longer.

However, if you’re selling a standard family home in reasonable condition or you’re not in a rush to secure an immediate sale, you may prefer to work with local estate agents to (hopefully) achieve the full market value of your property.

Alternatives to National Homebuyers

National Homebuyers certainly is one of many ways to sell a property quickly. Other reputable cash buying companies offer a similar service, such as We Buy Any Home and Property Solvers – both of whom are regulated cash offer buyers by the Property Ombudsman (unlike National Homebuyers). 

Another option is to sell your house through an auction. Since you’ll be putting the property in front of a wider group of home buyers instead of a single buyer, there’s a chance you’ll receive an amount closer to the property’s market value than you would when selling to a company like National Homebuyers.

Go Get That Fast Sale

Cash buying companies like National Homebuyers provide a way to sell your house quickly, no matter its condition. With more than a decade of experience and thousands of clients under its belt, you can rest assured that you’ll be working with an established, reputable company.

However, there are other options for securing a quick cash offer or sale. If you’re interested in exploring alternatives, such as selling your home through an auction, Property Auction News is here to guide you through all the latest developments.