Property Solvers Reviews

Property Solvers Reviews

Who are Property Solvers?

Property Solvers is primarily a house buying company.

In other words, they give homeowners a cash offer, allowing them to sell a property much more quickly than they would if they used the open market.

The company provides a hassle-free service by letting you sell your property directly to the company instead of working with estate agents or auctioneers.

Property Solvers will handle everything, including paying solicitors fees.  There will also not be any estate agency or broker fees – nor any other hidden costs.

With over 20 years in the industry (and membership to bodies like the Property Ombudsman, National Association of Property Buyers, Trading Standards and NAEA PropertyMark), Property Solvers are genuine cash buyers with a solid track record. They also won the 2023 Property Trader of the Year award at the Property Investor’s Awards.

The company operates throughout the UK to help customers sell their houses fast. They’re primarily residential home buyers, but also have experience in commercial property, land and development site acquisitions.

In addition to professional home buying, Property Solvers provides auction and estate agency services. The business therefore offers its customers multiple routes to sell a property quickly – primarily depending on whether price is more important than speed.

Property Solvers’ operate across the UK (excluding Northern Ireland) and was founded by James Durr and Ruban Selvanayagam in 2006.

Property Solvers Contact Details

Their freephone number is 0800 044 3733. This line is open 24/7 and can be used to obtain a no-obligation quote, enquire about a cash house sale and learn about Property Solvers’ auction house or estate agency.

You can also complete their Get in Touch form and one of the team will reach out directly.

The company has a very active presence on social media including LinkedIn, X (Twitter), Instagram and Facebook.  They also manage the UK’s largest group of active property investors on Linkedin – with well over 73,000 members – and have their own podcast.

How to Secure a Quick Cash Sale with Property Solvers

To secure your free cash offer from Property Solvers and get the ball rolling, follow the process outlined below to sell your property fast…

1. No-Obligation Chat

No-Obligation Chat with Property Solvers

The first step with Property Solvers is a no-obligation chat with a sales manager.

They will outline the options available, giving you the chance to figure out what suits you best. The sales manager will also go through the alternative services of estate agency and property auctions in more detail.  These may be better options if you’re seeking more money from the sale.

Property Solvers work with all types of homeowners including those selling tenanted properties, houses with serious problems, those facing repossession or mortgage arrears, probate / inherited property sellers amongst others.

Many past customers recommend Property Solvers due to the excellent service provided in this part of the sales process. They also offer free house valuation reports for active sellers.

2. House Valuation and Guaranteed Offer

House Valuation and Guaranteed Offer

If you decide a cash sale is right for you, the next step is to provide Property Solvers with the details needed for a free valuation.

To make an accurate estimate, Property Solvers needs information about:

  • Your own situation and how quickly you really need to sell up
  • Condition
  • Property size (although this can often be obtained from the EPC)
  • Any refurbishment work recently undertaken
  • Structural issues
  • Financial situation (including mortgage owed, monthly outgoings, arrears secured against the property)
  • The sales history of the property and any other relevant information.

Since Property Solvers is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office, all this information will be handled securely.

Property Solvers will promptly give you an initial cash offer based on the information provided and their own data related to the local property market. There’s no obligation to accept.

Offers are based on data from the local market using data from HM Land Registry, the Office of National Statistics (ONS) the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), Rightmove amongst other data sources (including prices and average selling times).

If you accept, the offer will be finalised when one of the firm’s viewing experts visits your property. A professional surveyor licensed by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) may also be requested if the property requires a lot of work, for example.

One of the great things about Property Solvers is that once you receive this offer, it’s guaranteed to be the final price you receive for the house sale.

3. Quick House Sale

Quick House Sale

Property Solvers sales take between 7 and 28 days to complete.  The company can also offer a cash advance in as little as 48 hours.

The company tackles most of the work on your behalf, producing a Memorandum of Sale and appointing a solicitor to help you. You’ll then receive a seller’s pack and will need to fill out some forms.

The solicitor may also require additional information but this is usually straightforward.

After this, all you have to do is wait until you receive a contract to transfer the property (also known as the TR1). Property Solvers will also sign, after which the exchange of contracts occurs and the sale can be completed immediately after.

4. Receive Cash Funds from Property Solvers

Receive Funds from Property Solvers

Once the property sells, you’ll receive your funds – everyone’s favourite part.

You’ll receive cash these proceeds from the property sold on the same day of the sale. Property Solvers will also be on hand for post-sales assistance to answer any questions you have.

Should I Use Property Solvers?

Deciding which property buyer to work with is always a personal decision that will depend on your circumstances.

However, below, we’ve summarised the pros and cons of working with Property Solvers.


With many years in the industry, you can rest assured that you’ll be dealing with a trusted and professional home buyer.

Property Solvers are registered with the Property Ombudsman. This is an important industry body that requires its members to have a complaints procedure to ensure it can handle any customer concerns, acting as an alternative dispute resolution service on their behalf.

Plus, Property Solvers is registered with Trading Standards, the National Association of Property Buyers (NAPB), NAEA PropertyMark and the Data Protection Authority. There is no other home buying firm that is registered with so many bodies. The firm also has its very own Code of Practice.  

Property Solvers will cover estate agency and legal fees, and they offer interest free cash advances, making the process of moving home easier and more affordable.

Plus, the company promises not to partake in gazundering by dropping its price offer at the last minute.

Another differentiating factor is that Property Solvers is a “hybrid estate agency,” meaning they can give customers the chance to sell through its own auction house or express sale estate agency.

This sets them apart from other cash buyers, who generally offer a property buying service and nothing else.  This also means that you do not feel pressured until going down the cash sale route if you’re not sure about it.


As with all property buyers, a major disadvantage of using Property Solvers is that you won’t receive the full market value of your home, with the firm offering around 75% of a property’s market value. If you’re not in a rush to sell, it may not make sense to use a cash buying service.

Also, while it’s great to have the choice over which service you use, it’s important to note that not all Property Solvers’ services are free.

If you decide to opt for a property auction or estate agent service from them, you will have to pay a percentage-based fee.  However, this would be the same if you use any other open market sales channel (and Property Solvers are actually cheaper than most).

Below, we’ve outlined the pros and cons of selling through this home buying firm.

Pros of Property Solvers

  • Registered with the Property Ombudsman and other regulatory bodies
  • Hybrid model offers various house selling options based on your specific situation
  • No estate agency or conveyancing fees to worry about
  • Provides interest-free cash advances
  • Unlike other firms in the industry, they promise no gazundering or dropping prices at any point
  • Has the most consistent number of positive (5-star) reviews
  • Leading figureheads in the “sell house fast” industry pushing for more ethical business practices
  • An excellent website with a wealth of information for home sellers.

Cons of Property Solvers

  • Offers below market value for cash sales (a trade-off due to the quicker cash sale)
  • The auction and estate agency services come with fees (although the prices achieved will be higher relative to a direct cash offer)
  • They may not be able to offer on non-standard construction properties (but can offer their proven auction platform as an alternative to sell)

Property Solvers Reviews (Consistently 5 Stars)

Property Solvers appear on a wide range of online review platforms and has an impressive number of 5 star ratings on

The company also has consistent 5-star reviews on Google.  Although the average is 4.8 , there was a negative review that was reported as fake but has not been removed.

Property Solvers has a 4.6 rating on Trustpilot, which puts it into the “excellent” category. 

Again, any negative reviews have been responded to and often a result of a misunderstanding. It’s indeed arguable that this firm appears to have the least amount of negative reviews in the professional homebuying sector.

Property Solvers Reviews - Always 5 Stars

It’s also worth checking out their Customer Reviews page where you can see pictures of the properties purchased over the years.  They also offer the unique ability to speak directly to home sellers who have previously used their services.

The overall consensus is that the firm is one of the best in the business, providing a good service to help people sell a property quickly. Many customers complimented the excellent customer service Property Solvers offers, saying they found them knowledgeable and efficient.

Property Buying vs Auctions vs Estate Agency

As mentioned, Property Solvers offers auctions and estate agents in addition to its cash offers service.

The biggest drawback of working with direct cash buyers is that you won’t receive the property’s market value, as these companies often go on to sell the houses they buy.

Under this model, property owners get the benefit of selling the property quickly, while the buyers benefit from a lower price.

Property auctions and estate agency sales don’t have this issue.

Auction Sale

When you put a property up for auction, you’re opening yourself to a larger pool of potential buyers rather than a single cash buyer,

There are a few auction houses to choose between, but Property Solvers Auctions promise a fully regulated auction service, a fast process, a vetting process to focus on serious bidders only and more.

Estate Agency (Private Treaty) Sale

Property Solvers runs a quick estate agency service, which means it focuses on speed.

Typically, it takes property owners two to three months to secure a successful sale when going down this route.

Sell House Fast Today

If you’re interested in a quick cash sale for your home, Property Solvers appears to be a great option. The company offers various ways to sell property. You’ll also have the peace of mind that they’re a member of trusted regulatory bodies such as the Property Ombudsman and that they will pay all fees for you.

However, selling this way does mean you’ll get less than market value for your home, so it’s important to weigh up your options.

If you’d like to find out more but you’re not sure if a cash sale is right for you, contact Property Solvers today. One of their property agents will discuss your best option for a quick sale.